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Pentium III, 256-bit outputs

Pentium III, 512-bit outputs


The above graphic displays the timings of the second round candidates of the Nist SHA-3 competition. The benchmarks were done using the ebash framework with the latest implementations packaged therein at the time of the benchmarks.

We also give below which implementation gave the best result that is featured in the above graphic:
hash functionfastest implementation (256-bit)fastest implementation (512-bit)
cubehash/cubehash1632/simple   /cubehash1632/simple
fugue/fugure256/ANSI_opt32   -
shavite-3/shavite3256/256bit-nosalt   /shavite3512/Intel-L1Cache
echo/echo256/pentium/pentiummmx   /echo512/pentium/pentiummmx
simd/simd256/opt   /simd512/opt
blake/blake32/ref   /blake64/ref
bmw/bmw256/optabe   /bmw512/ref
echo-sp/echoSP256/pentium/pentiummmx   /echoSP512/pentium/pentiummmx
keccak/keccak/mmxu1   /keccakc512/mmxu1
jh/jh256/bitslice_opt32   /jh512/bitslice_opt32
luffa/luffa256/opt32   /luffa256/opt32
grøstl/groestl256/mmx   /groestl512/mmx
shabal/shabal512/ref   /shabal512/ref
skein/skein512/opt   /skein512/opt
hamsi-   -

All these informations can be extracted from our eBASH packages, generated by supercop when run on our benchmarking machines. Please read this for more details on how you can check these figures.