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transportation during the conference

All the Eurocrypt events are easily accessible from both Nice and Monaco. For attendees wishing to make their own way to events the cities are well-connected by a short and enjoyable train journey. To travel by train from Nice to Monaco takes 20 mn and costs 3.30 €. Timetables of trains are available: Nice to Monaco AM, Nice to Monaco PM, and Monaco to Nice PM. The train station in Nice is marked on the conference map, and details of what to do on arrival at Monaco train station, and a description of the most convenient walking route from Monaco station to the Grimaldi Forum, are given below and available via the following quick sheet.

While the train is the most attractive way to travel, this will be complemented by organised buses at certain times throughout the conference. Every morning on Monday 31 May to Thursday 3 June, direct buses from Nice to the Grimaldi Forum will be provided by Eurocrypt. These will depart, in the morning, as follows:

  • on Monday 31 and Tuesday 1, bus pick-up will take place at the train station (see map)
  • on Wednesday 2 and Thursday 3, bus pick-up will take place opposite Le Meridien hotel (see map)
Buses will leave at 08h00 and Eurocrypt staff will be available to help. Traffic on the road from Nice to Monaco can be heavy and the conference bus will probably take much longer than the train. However the buses will go directly to the Grimaldi Forum and for some attendees this extra convenience could be preferable.

We leave it to attendees to decide whether they prefer to take the organised bus or the train.

In the evening, after each social event, conference buses will be available to attendees. On Monday and Tuesday evenings, for those staying in Nice, there will be organised buses from Monaco to Nice after the Welcome Reception and the Rump Session. After the social event in Nice on Wednesday, there will be buses back from Nice to Monaco for those staying in Monaco. To get to the social event in Nice on Wednesday, attendees can take the train from Monaco to Nice at their leisure during the free afternoon (schedule here).

After the close of the conference on Thursday, attendees can travel directly to the airport by bus (schedule available here). However most would probably choose to return to Nice by train.

from Monaco train station to the conference venue

The map below displays the way from the train station to the conference venue (click it for a larger version). The paths in red symbolize elevators while the main walk (in blue) running between the station (A) and the top of the elevator (B) is essentially level. There are also buses that run directly along this walking route between the station and the top of the elevator. The Grimaldi Forum is directly across the road at the foot of the elevator.