A Domain Extender for the Ideal Cipher
J.-S. Coron, Y. Dodis, A. Mandal, and Y. Seurin.

We describe the first domain extender for ideal ciphers, i.e. we show a construction that is indifferentiable from a 2n-bit ideal cipher, given a n-bit ideal cipher. Our construction is based on a 3-round Feistel, and is more efficient than first building a n-bit random oracle from a n-bit ideal cipher (as in [9]) and then a 2n-bit ideal cipher from a n-bit random oracle (as in [10], using a 6-round Feistel). We also show that 2 rounds are not enough for indifferentiability by exhibiting a simple attack. We also consider our construction in the standard model: we show that 2 rounds are enough to get a 2n-bit tweakable block-cipher from a n-bit tweakable block-cipher and we show that with 3 rounds we can get beyond the birthday security bound.